Site Information: NF-41 Grand Island

Nike Missile site NF-41 is located on Grand Island, NY, just a few miles upstream of Niagara Falls. Today, the control area is owned by the town, which has maintenance facilities, sports fields, hiking trails, and a senior residence. The launcher area is the "Eco Island Ecology Reserve," run by the local school district.

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Control Area Parking Lot, 2006

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- Town of Grand Island


Google Interactive Map
- The former control area is at the "Nike Base Park". The launch area is directly south of the park, north of Staley Rd.

Microsoft Terraserver Map
- The control area is the group of buildings south of White Haven Rd, just north of the "R" in Grand Island.

Microsoft Terraserver Map
- The launcher area is north of Staley Rd, to the right of the cemetery.

Terraserver Aerial Photograph: Control

Terraserver Aerial Photograph: Launcher


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