Site Information: Dannemora

Site 556-9 44 46' 15" N 73 49' 22" W
This site, located outside of the town of Dannemora, was an Atlas Missile silo from its construction in 1961 until its deactivation in 1965. It was one of 12 Atlas F silos constructed in a ring around Plattsburgh Air Force Base, at a cost of around $3 million each. A fatal accident occurred on March 17, 1961, when Michael D. Pearce was struck on the head by a 10 foot steel pole while working inside the silo area. The site is now owned by the town of Dannemora, housing their highway department. The town bought the 8 acre site in 1970 for $5,900. Dannemora itself is home to Clinton State Prison, the third oldest prison in New York State.

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Entrance, 2006

My print:

Dannemora Staircase, Linocut printed on Arches Cover, 4" X 6", 2006

- NYS Military Museum
- A history of Clinton State Prison
- History of the Town of Dannemora


Google Interactive Map
- The former missile silo is located at the end of "Town Garage Rd."

Microsoft Terraserver Map
- The missile silo is located in the white rectangle surrounded by green at the center of this map.

Terraserver Aerial Photograph
- The silo area is visible at the end of the access road.


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