Prints: Shrimp

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A while back, we bought a screenprint kit, and several extra colors of inks. We tried using it once, but not in a way that really made sense, in hindsight. After that, most of the kit disappeared, except for the screen and the squeegee, and is still lost, somewhere at her parents' house.

Back in the fall, we bought a new tub of ink, intending to use it right away. Of course, nothing happened for months. Then, I bought freezer paper and cut out a stencil. Another month or two of not printing, this time because we didn't have hinges for the screen. I meant to make some, but finally gave up and bought the $20 Speedball hinge clamps.

It turns out that screenprinting is very easy and quick. After the initial setup, I make 15 prints in several minutes, before running out of paper. I plan on playing around with stencils more, and trying photo-emulsion soon.


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