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Admiral Isachenkov, a ship of the Kresta II Class

Admiral Isachenkov, a ship of the Kresta II Class,
a Bol'shoy Protivolodochny Korabl' (BPK)
(Large Anti-Submarine Ship)
Linocut printed on Stonehenge, 4 1/4" X 6 1/4", 2007

Samuel's Apples

Samuel's Apples
3 color linocut on Stonehenge, edition of 15 6" X 10", 2004

M-16 series

Linocut and laser printing on Stonehenge, 12 3/4" X 21", 2004

Winter Pond, (looking toward Fort Drum)

Winter Pond, Linocut printed on Arches Cover, 8" X 10", 2006

Our Flag

Details from an artist's book, Our Flag, linocuts on Arches cover, book dimensions 4" x 3", Spring 2005

Yankee Rowe

Yankee Rowe, Linocut printed on Arches 88, 6" X 8", 2005

Eastern White Pine

Eastern White Pine, Linocut printed on Arches Cover, 6" X 8", 2005


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All work by Stephen MacLellan | Cambridge, MA

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