Craft:Kitchen Table

Back when we first moved into our apartment, we needed a kitchen table. The one that we already had (see note below) was the wrong shape and size for the absolutely tiny space, so I built one. The top is a sheet of oak plywood with solid oak strips as edging. The base is cheapo pine that we painted. It all comes apart very easily, so that moving or storing it would be nice and simple.

(Our previous table was larger and round, with a leaf that slid into the middle. We got that one by chance, right when we needed it. My girlfriend was going to move into an apartment with some friends of hers in several weeks, and none of the four had a table. My girlfriend and I went to a movie in the next town over from hers, and decided to go for a little walk down the main street after the movie was over. There, on someone's porch, was a table, with a sign that said "Free" on it. Perfect! So, we ran (or walked quickly) to get my station wagon, and drove back to the house. When we got there, there were four chairs, as well! The woman whose table it was said to her sister, "See, I told you it wouldn't be here an hour!"
After its first year of use, we stripped the table top, stained it a nicer, darker color, and revarnished it. We painted the apron and legs a nice, light green color. Since it doesn't fit in our new apartment, it is sitting in my girlfriend's parents' garage, gathering dust.)


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